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‘Prince Zuko’ by RickRated Is a Single That Will Stop You in Your Tracks With Its Consistent Production And Captivating Lyrics

A hip hop artist RickRated began running in the music realm during his childhood years, and since that time has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted artist with his own signature sound and stylization. With his sights set on making a solid impact in the industry, the artist has no intention of slowing down his momentum anytime soon.

Snazz-D - Biography

Snazz-D – Biography

Snazz-D, is the best MC in Africa and most people already know this. But for those that don’t, coming out of Cape-Town’s worst ghetto, Cape Flats, a star is born... Relocating to Mitchell's Plein and many other hoods helped Snazz to be a more well known artist, because he was known in every hood around.