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Supastar LT

Supastar LT

With regard to Hip-Hop, LT is cocky, confident and smart - an element that he believes comes with territory of any successful MC in the music industry. He is the answer to the problem of Hip-Hop’s monotone and the Boston rapper is confident that he will change the landscape of contemporary Hip-Hop with his combination of lyrical talent and cutting-edge marketing.

G*Fam - Biography

G*Fam – Biography

G who? You may ask! Well a question that most defiantly this year will be answered. G*Fam are a hip-hop trio who all show off their talents by rapping in a style that is second none. G*Fam rocked the stage at the O’bar in Camden and female Nyah shocked the crowd as she delivered her lyrics with such clarity the crowd couldn’t help but scream.