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Loyal George - Boris' Britain

Loyal George – Boris’ Britain [Video]

Global Faction always have their finger on the political pulse and this time bring the debut single from a dedicated young artist Loyal George. On Boris' Britain George is expressing his views on todays world. Dope lyrics expressing those thoughts which so many of us have, but do not have the ability to express.

Modulation - Frustrated

Modulation – Frustrated [Video]

South West London based MC Modulation is back again with another banger. Entitled Frustrated, this one is powerful, you have to listen to the words carefully the guy is not messing around lyrically. Covering a variety of topics from weight, relationships and ends it comes off like a variety of mini stories and observations.

The Peoples Army - Summertime Wavy

The Peoples Army – Summertime Wavy [Video]

As usual about this time of year we get a slew of videos shot during summer which remind us of warmer times, but feel somewhat out of place as winter draws in. This official video for Peoples Army entitled Summertime Wavy is one of these. For the track a wealth of MCs all compete for the camera's attention and once again remind us of the talent available in the crew.