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ESK Enochian - Cut

ESK Enochian – Cut [Video]

ESK Enochian from the Manchester area is back with a new track entitled Cut. Re-uniting with producer Gorz, ESK speaks on his favourite topic - the environment as a warning detailing the destruction mankind has perpetrated on nature and the implications this has.

ESK Enochian - The Way

ESK Enochian – The Way [Video]

Manchester area based artist ESK Enochian is back with a new track entitled The Way (things work). Once again teaming up with Producer Gorz who delivers a slightly manic piano loop. The track sees ESK elaborate on the topics of consumerism and the pointless accumulation of 'things'.

ESK - Petrichor

ESK – Petrichor [Video]

Manchester based artist ESK is deeply influenced by nature and the great outdoors as evidenced on his latest release. Petrichor is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. Over the lazy, off kilter production from Gorz, ESK follows the evolution of a river from the first rain drops.