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Southbank Skate Park Closure

Southbank Skate Park Closure

Have you heard about the plans to close the skatepark in the undercrofts of the Southbank Centre under the Queen Elizabeth Hall? This is an area that should be of interest to the London graffiti, hop hop and skater scenes. A campaign is up and running and there is an online petition that closes on 28 May. It has already gathered 3952 signatures.

Cope2 Sneaker Gallery

Cope2 Sneaker Gallery

Cope2 is doing a trainer with Foot Locker and Addidas. Cope2 himself hails from the South Bronx and has been around since the early 80's founding the crew 'Kids Destroy' which later graduated to 'Kings Destroy'. His artwork has been featured in several high profile campaigns including the well- regarded Time magazine mural painted in Soho, Manhattan in 2005.



Fernando Carlo aka Cope2 is a well renowned New York graffiti artist hailing from Kingsbridge, South Bronx. Known worldwide for his Wildstyle pieces and bubble lettering, he fell in love with the art form in the early ‘80s.

Banksy’s Bristol: Home Sweet Home by Steve Wright

For any fan of Banksy’s work this book should become essential reading. Whereas Wall & Piece is official and comprehensive in detailing Banksy’s later work and stunts, and Banksy Locations & Tours by Martin Bull suited a specific purpose, but is now largely redundant due the stencils being buffed, Home Sweet Home is a celebration of Banksy’s street art in his home city of Bristol and mainly focuses on Banksy’s formative years and early works.

Banksy Paste-Ups Spotted

Banksy Paste-Ups Spotted

Whilst walking down Essex Road in Islington late last year I spotted the posters, displayed below, on the street. So I whipped out the phone and took a couple of pictures before being dragged off. I was surprised to not hear about these on message boards and the like, so thought I would post them here for your comments.

Seen - The Godfather Of Graffiti - Biography

Seen – The Godfather Of Graffiti – Biography

Richard Mirando was born in New York in 1961. At the age of 11 he started to participate in a form of art known as graffiti. In doing so he adopted and began writing the nickname Seen. He was born and bred in the Bronx and he first started to paint on the subway in the early seventies. What rapidly developed was a pitched battle between his crew and the "Vandal Squad".

The Godfather Of Graffiti - Seen Returns To The UK

The Godfather Of Graffiti – Seen Returns To The UK

The Bronx Bomber, the Godfher of Grafitti, SEEN returns to London this week, for this his second solo show titled 'Sign Of The Times' at the Stolen Space Gallery. This show will consist of new canvas works, found or stolen NYC objects, releif pieces, city signs & subway maps. The show opens to the public on Friday the 26th October and runs until the 18th of November.

Butta Verses - Graffiti Gallery

Butta Verses – Graffiti Gallery

Butta Verses whilst being known as an MC is also an acomplished writer who has been known to hit up a few walls. With possiblly thousands of walls behind him he is capble of a variety of styles from the basic to wildstyles. Check out a few of his peices below and be sure to be on the look out for his special double sided rease on which he teams up with Lucien for the Jones In Ya Bones track with  Black Attack's Black Man on the flip.

Signtology - VOP

Signtology – VOP

Collectively known as VOP (Visit Other Planets), and formed in 1988, Dane and Solo gained reputation in the 90’s for producing quality pieces and murals in Brixton and the surrounding area. They have been artists in residence at the Brockwell Lido since 2003.