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Gunshot - Crime Story [Video]

Gunshot – Crime Story [Video]

Gunshot followed up their amazing debut with Crime Story an equally gritty track with just as much power and punch. This would be their last release with the original line up of members, but already the group had developed their own variation on the Britcore sound and left a lot of people shook.

Gunshot - Battle Creek Brawl [Video]

Gunshot – Battle Creek Brawl [Video]

Back in 1990 times were a great deal harder than they are now and the sound Hip Hop artists were producing became increasingly rebellious and gritty. East London’s Gunshot comprised of MC's Alkaline, Mercury and Q-Roc (who left to join Son of Noise) and DJ's Barry Blue and White Child Rix were at the forefront of this sound and were one of the hardest groups around. They created an almighty buzz when they first came out.