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Mag!c: An inspiration to the masses to never give up on your dreams, this artist helps aspiring musicians to dive into an independent and special journey

Growing up listening to Lil Wayne, Mag!c started creating beats two years ago and ran with their newly found talents to start exploring the boundaries of the music industry. With Lil Wayne being this artist's prime inspiration, it's no surprise that Mag!c has taken influence to shape their own music with edgy hip-hop elements.

Mike Brown

Mike Brown: The raw energy of Brown’s tracks allows fans to connect deeply with the underlying meanings

Artist Mike Brown constructs his tracks with raw, hard-hitting meaning that capture the attention of audiences all over the world. With his new track, Eye Opener, displaying the feeling of frustration of dealing with dead-end jobs, this sound captures the moment of someone's life when they snap in a sense of self-destruction that many will be able to relate to.