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Karl Hinds

Karl Hinds

Karl Hinds definitely deserves respect. Starting way back in 1993 he founded and put out drum and bass on the Assassin label. He then went on in 2000 to set up hip hop label Ill Flava Records. Self-producing and rapper on all his albums, Karl Hinds is definitely an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. I met up with him at his studio in Ilford for a serious discussion about his story so far in UK hip-hop and beyond.

Karl Hinds - The Need To Be Heard LP [Ill Flava]

Karl Hinds – The Need To Be Heard LP [Ill Flava]

Its been about five years since Karls Hinds last solo release, so I was looking forward to what he had in store with “The Need To Be Heard”, his 3rd LP. Once again he brings his unique character to the album, with his distinctive sounding voice spitting a narrative style over synth sound's and programmed beats with less emphasis on sampling. When you hear a Karl Hinds beat, you know its Karl Hinds, and you have to give props to that purely for originality. I find a lot of the sounds he uses take me back to the old “rave” days.