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Dark MC - Its Getting Dark In Here [Video]

Dark MC – Its Getting Dark In Here [Video]

Dark MC is a tasty Desi MC who is not shy of ramming up a club and getting the party people dancing. Here you can check his latest track Its Getting Dark In Here - the partylicious bumper that has a bhangra-esque feel that should be popular all over. If the Dark MC can gain the support of all his bredren then he should be all set to lift off this year. In the past he has laid out a few MCs and you can tell why..

Dark MC - Biography

Dark MC – Biography

Young, bright and on fire, The Dark MC is almost an antithesis of his name but it’s exactly his dark lyrical edge that gives meaning to his character. From an early age, The Dark MC never suppressed his passion for music instead he battled numerous MCs on the streets gaining a reputation as an unyielding force in the Rap / Hip-Hop game.

The Sound Pipe Records

The Sound Pipe Records

The Sound Pipe Records burst onto the Asian music scene last year with the hit album “Look Again” by TAJ-E. With a host of new artists and albums lined up, 2006 is the year that the industry is truly introduced to this fast-growing company. The Sound Pipe Records is a division of The Sound Pipe Ltd, a dynamic music, film and entertainments company forging its way to become a major player in the Asian entertainment industry.