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Cipher Sounds - Biography

Cipher Sounds – Biography

The original hip-hop group Cipher Sounds was established in South Side Jamaica, Queens, New York in the year 1975. Little more than a year after the originators of the genre; Kool Herc, Afrika Bambatataa, Grand Master Flash and others had created the culture and had begun to guide it through its infant stages in the Bronx, DJs Divine, Understanding, and Divine Justice had the idea to create their own sound system that would play in the parks and community centres of their neighbourhood in Jamaica Queens.

TVT Records

TVT Records

America’s #1 independent record company for five consecutive years, TVT Records celebrates 20 years of discovering and breaking some of the most revolutionary recording artists and exciting trends in music. TVT Records has given the world such impact artists as Nine Inch Nails, Ja Rule, Underworld, Ying Yang Twins and Lil Jon.

MOBO’s Are A Joke

In their continued lurch towards mainstream pop, and pandering to the demands of established music businesses the MOBO's have become a very poor representation of what they were originally meant to represent. There is really nothing for a serious black music fan on offer here.