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Verses - Focused CD [Gutta Hip Hop]

Verses – Focused CD [Gutta Hip Hop]

Loud instrumentals made of trumpets and tuba sounds while Verses introduces you into the Focused song. Verses’ voice is gritty and the whole song is written in an offensive manner. What is scurrilous as well. Verses has a nice flow delivery. However, I would like to point out a main weakness in the artist’s way of rapping, not from a hater’s point of view, but simply trying to offer some constructive criticism.

DJ Pager - The Running Man CD [Bedroomhead]

DJ Pager – The Running Man CD [Bedroomhead]

Welcome to DJ Pager’s world. After a short introduction, Little Vic transports you into his battling universe. Keyboard sounds are combined with swinging beats and crazy scratches. The instrumentals intensify the battling atmosphere. The lyrics remind us of an intense spiritual battle against the demons. Enjoy the contrast between light and dark, good and evil. Little Vic keeps it lyrical during the whole track.