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Andy Smith

Andy Smith

DJ Andy Smith is from Portishead and long time collaborator with the band of the same name. He has just released his Greensleeves compilation as part of his Document series and Alex Humphrey caught up with him to find out whats up.

Bomb The Bass - Future Chaos CD [!K7]

Bomb The Bass – Future Chaos CD [!K7]

Bomb the Bass is back, but put away that smiley face: this is no nostalgia trip. With ‘Future Chaos’, Tim Simenon revamps his long-running project to produce a record that's fresher than anyone might have expected from an outfit that got its start in the '80s. Tickling tweeters and pushing the limits of low-end, the album hovers confidently on the cusp between futurism and vintage, boasting the sort of confident song writing that's a rarity anywhere, much less in electronic music.

Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar – My Machine LP [!K7]

At the heart of this maelstrom exists the one and only Princess Superstar. Having sold her soul to a computer in some Faustian pact, Princess controls all levels of celebrity. She is the only pop star; the only actor; the only weather girl; the only supermodel. Sickeningly, this orgy of self-publicity knows no bounds, her levels of ego are off the scale.