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Dark Side of The Moon - 7th

Dark Side of The Moon – 7th (New Album)

Dark Side of the Moon are an Underground Hip Hop super-group from the UK consisting of Flowtecs, Menace Mendoza, Dragon Priest, Nomad, Dr.Voodoo (aka Tom Ryan) and Jonny Data - names that are synonymous with the UK Hip Hop scene for their unparalleled lyrical ability and an uncompromisingly gritty sound.

King Kashmere - Woof

King Kashmere – Woof [Video]

High Focus Records is proud to present King Kashmere - 'Woof', Produced by Cupp Cave and Herrmutt Lobby. The track is one of Kashmere's more adventurous compositions for sure. We are pleased to announce that Kash's classic album 'Woof' has been re-released via High Focus Records, and is now available to stream from all online platforms.