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DJ Gone - Sin City Mix CD [Kung Fu]

DJ Gone – Sin City Mix CD [Kung Fu]

The tracklist for DJ Gone's 'Sin City', out now on Kung Fu, kinda speaks for itself to any UKHH head. Featuring the cream of the scene and in the vein of Kung Fu's showcasing 'Sin City' is over an hour's worth of exclusive freestyles and tracks - it's basically a must for those fans who strive for more than an artist's album and single output. It's also pretty essential for anyone who just wants to bump quality Hip Hop for an hour.

Chester P's Five Word Freestyle Trial

Chester P’s Five Word Freestyle Trial

Kung Fu presents an all new freestyle event, bringing back the original freestyle concept, through three elimination rounds, culminating in the "Five Word Final". In each round a number of words will be called out by the crowd and written on the board, each contestant will have to use their individual words in their freestyle.



East London head Teef has had two CDs out and has shown a steady progression in terms of development. With another on the way he now hosts some radio shows and we managed to get a few words with the man before he blows up. Check out what he had to say here…

Hijack - Daddy Rich [Video]

Hijack – Daddy Rich [Video]

Hijack came out of Brixton, London in 1988 when they signed to Music Of Life, and they dropped their debut single, the now legendary, 'Style Wars'. Ice-T heard the group and promptly signed them to his label. Hijack were one of the biggest groups the UK has ever produced and this single Daddy Rich dropped in 1991 as the group were set to drop their stunning Horns Of Jericho LP.