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Kid Acne - Flame Wars

Kid Acne – Flame Wars [Audio]

Lord knows what he’s come for, but it looks like we’re done for” - don’t panic, the South Yorkshire fire-starter Kid Acne remains epic when going up against West Midlands one-to-watch Taja for the second track taken from his forthcoming album ‘Null And Void’.

Dr Syntax - Benny Huge LP [Dented]

Dr Syntax – Benny Huge LP [Dented]

UK rap legend Dr Syntax is back with Benny Huge, his long-awaited second solo album on Dented Records. From the massive fanfare opener Standard Procedure through to the epic prog rock-sampling finale The Bird Has Flown, its clear that Syntax has delivered a phenomenal sophomore release easily worthy of its predecessor, 2007's critically acclaimed Self Taught (named one of Hip Hop Connection's top 50 UK albums of all time).