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LDZ - The London Zoo EP [Dented]

LDZ – The London Zoo EP [Dented]

LDZ have been around for donkey’s... They flew the nest when they were only young pups and before growing fur, they quickly learned to evolve and adapt with the constantly changing environment. Not to be mistaken for scavenger’s, these territorial creatures stay true to they’re own like a pride of Lions.

Dubbledge - Lips 2 Da Floor [Video]

Dubbledge – Lips 2 Da Floor [Video]

Dubblege is set to the next man of the moment. He has been pressing on the scene for a while now and with the video now out for last years Lips 2 Da Floor he is set to step up the pressure and take everyone by storm. Not afraid of getting on some people's nerves here he takes several side swipes at grime MCs and does it with a great deal of aplomb.