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9th Wonder - Remixes 1 EP [Ill Will]

9th Wonder – Remixes 1 EP [Ill Will]

9th Wonder continues his slightly worn habit of remixing Nas; this time round giving some of the hits he’s missed such as ‘Made You Look’, ‘Get Down’ and ‘I Can’ the trademark soul stamp. I’ve been impressed by 9th in the past - the first Little Brother LP was sick as were highlights of the Minstrel Show, The Formula and not forgetting the amazing Murs: 9th Edition EP, but this EP could put a small horse to sleep.



This Cincinnati based artist needs little introduction. Hi Tek is one of the hottest producers on the planet with his soul influenced beats that can bring a tear to your eye, a smile to your face or movement to your feet. Sometimes all three. I chatted to him about the C3OOO, his best album to date, and the Hall Of Fame collaboration list.

4hero - Play With The Changes LP

4hero – Play With The Changes LP [Raw Canvas]

True originators are thin on the ground but 4hero’s claim is more robust than most. As pioneers of jungle and drum n bass, they massively changed the face of 90s music and made a huge contribution to dance culture. Forging ahead with new beats and new techniques, the London duo have released a steady stream of precious moments and crafted a sound which is entirely their own.