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Don’t Talk To Strangers

It seems as though in all this ‘true hip hop’ palava we’ve forgotten who the true saviours of the scene really are. They don’t have to be rocking the stereotypical dress or accent. It’s about having a pure, rooted, hip hop mentality. And of course, some genuine talent to go with it.

A-Tola - Biography

A-Tola – Biography

A–Tola also known as Asherman, Ash or Tola, is a hip-hop rapper of Jamaican descent, born and raised in South London, the youngest of 3 brothers. Going to school in Peckham, he had dropped out of College mid term, at 17, to pursue a passion for music and a drive that saw him set up several thriving outlets in the form of ‘Live Wire’ sound system and a rap collective ‘Gold Rush Entertainment

A-Tola - Goal / Sound Bwoy CD [Street Dreams Entertainment]

A-Tola – Sound Bwoy [Audio]

A-Tola is the latest South London cat who is set to do big things. He has his debut single out and we have linked with his label to offer it here... The track is a lurching Jamaican bubbler which details how A-Tola's musical leanings have been influenced by the music he grew up with.