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Awon - Biography

Awon – Biography

There is always room for something new and refreshing in a community that has long since been saturated with mediocrity. Hip Hop is the pillar of street culture and has influenced people across the world. Though the art form of emceeing is decades mature, there are still newcomers who use unique expression to captivate listeners. One of these emcees is Awon.

Awon And Kameleon Beats - Concentration Gradient LP [Kameleon Beats]

Awon And Kameleon Beats – Concentration Gradient LP [Soul Students]

The 17-track album has a noticeably darker feel than their previous release "Love Supersedes" yet it maintains their traditional jazzy soulful sound. The subject matter is very political and introspective in nature ranging from current events to spiritual matters. Having worked on the album for some time now the duo feel they have constructed a project that will hit a nerve with its listeners.