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Moose Funk Squad - Throwdown

Moose Funk Squad – Throwdown [Video]

The Moose Funk Squad drop the next track from their National Geographic Shit EP which is out now. Throwdown is indeed a tasty banger from Fourny P, Mnsr Frites, Jester Jacobs and Archetype. Easy chopped vocal backing from Luca Brazi gives a laid back feel for the MCs to drop their bars over. Nailed it!

Moose Funk Squad - 2One

Moose Funk Squad – 2One [Video]

Full Moose Funk Squad on display here led by Jester Jacobs and Archetype for some filthy rhymes. The track 2One is described as an official documentary is taken from National Geographic Shit - the new seven track EP. Production brought by Luca Brazi for some gambino type guitar riff as the lads clearly describe both their capabilities and failings.

B.O.M.B - B.O.M.B CD [Boom Bap Professionals]

B.O.M.B – B.O.M.B CD [Boom Bap Professionals]

During 2012's Boom Bap Festival Oliver Sudden and Luca Brazi were sat in front of the Graffiti wall with a crate of beer discussing a few ideas while watching the 645 Squad paint a burner. After collaborations on previous Granville Sessions material and discussions about each others production, they decided to pair up and go fifty fifty on beats and rhymes on an EP. Shortly after the festival season recovery period the Wednesday studio sessions kicked off. Beats were exchanged, verses were penned, beers were necked... and so on.