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I Am Malcolm X Tour

I Am Malcolm X Tour

"If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything". The words of El Hajj El Malik El Shabazz, otherwise known as Malcolm X, one of the most inspirational human rights activists the world has seen. Hip hop heads followed in the footsteps of Malcolm X and Martin Luther in their beginnings - they believe in peace, equality and justice as an instigator for a revolution.

M9 - Strange Fruit / Paintbrush 12

M9 – Strange Fruit / Paintbrush 12″ [Vision]

M9 aka Melanin is one half of the Heresy and one third of Triple Darkness. Two of the most renounced conscious British hip hop crews. Strange Fruit is redemonstrating, reamplifying, and just plain reminding us that what makes these crews so strong and sure is that as individuals, each of them excel to another level. And they can all do their own thing and still carry it equally as strong.