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Various - Fly Girls LP / CD [Soul Jazz Records]

Various – Fly Girls LP / CD [Soul Jazz Records]

Contrary to popular belief, the fairer sex have made some noteworthy contributions to this shit we call Hip Hop. Unfortunately most of them were over 20 years ago. The exploitative ‘sex sells’ madness of the Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown era hasn’t helped matters either. Still, you can’t keep a true B-Girl down and Soul Jazz are representing hard here, assembling a slick retrospective of mainly late 80’s girl on mic action.

Almost September Present - Love MP3 [Audio]

Almost September Present – Love MP3 [Audio]

Hip hop remains alive and growing every step of the way. Almost September, undoubtedly the hottest trio to bounce out of the states since back in the day have elevated the floor of hip hop yet again. Their knowledge and experience in hip hop makes it hardly surprising to see them throwing down some of the hottest beats you’ll hear coming out of your speakers this summer, and probably past September too.

Kel Spencer - Biography

Kel Spencer – Biography

Balance, answers Kel Spencer to the question “What is the key to life?” This Brooklyn native lives up to that response in every sense of the word. Not only is Kel Spencer dubbed the best rapper you’ve never heard of but he’s also Co-Chairman of his own imprints 3rd Power Music Group & Double L Communications.

MC Lyte

MC Lyte

MC Lyte is one of the most powerful female pioneers of hip hop. Starting out, like so many artists, as a breaker, after dropping her debut album - Lyte As A Rock in 1988, her stance in the legacy of hip hop only gets stronger as the years go on. Last year, she was quite rightly one of the honoured hip hop artists at VH1's Hip Hop Honours.