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Streetz ft. Mr Will - I Want This Chick 12" [Street Value Entertainment]

Streetz ft. Mr Will – I Want This Chick 12″ [Street Value Entertainment]

The internet is a powerful tool, as we here at BritishHipHop well know. In our digital age artists can become huge without having a deal or selling a song purely from internet buzz and virtual popularity. Streetz Myspace page claims he has received over two million views and three million plays making him hot property in cyber space but the real question is does his music stand up to all the hype?

The Streets ft. Pete Doherty – Prangin Out 7″ [679 Recordings]

If Mike Skinner’s third album ‘The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living’ was a fragile and knowing reflection of the dark corners of fame usually reserved for the other side of a hotel room door, then ‘Prangin Out’ is surely its flag bearing anthem. An intense foray inside the head of one of the country’s greatest songwriting talents, the theme of losing it has never been treated with such grace, and never elicited so many reactions from horror to empathy to wanting to be right there in it with him.