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Get Cained - 28th February, PM Bar, Shipley

Get Cained – 28th February, PM Bar, Shipley

The top thing that Brutal Artistry does is stay true to the roots. So there was none of this, 'lets just sell out to students and pissheads'… It was a hip hop night. They wanted a hip hop crowd. And man did they get one. It seems nowadays the common acceptance is that real hip hop doesn't sell. Many DJs are forced to put on R&B or house nights in order to really make some money.

Chief Wiggum

Chief Wiggum

Like a good Chinese soup nothing goes to waste with Chief Wiggum. He utilises his background, personality and intellect to their full potential in every breathing moment. For a malnutritioned hip hop culture he is the pure soul we crave. Ahead of some mintin’ new projects, and the new album which in stores form Monday; I caught up with him, his lass Natalie, their peaceful new born and Miki B from Brutal Artistry.