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Versus - The Juggernaut CD [Hellaware]

Versus – The Juggernaut CD [Hellaware]

Versus is a proper bad boy. He’s been to maximum security and come out the other side. Whilst inside he had plenty of time to look deep inside himself and work out where he is going. Coming out of Delaware he is also known as Juggernaut and if his career progresses as well as he talks up his game in his tracks he is set for big things.

Versus - The Juggernaut CD [Hellaware]

Versus Biography

Matt Anderson a.k.a. -VersuS- a.k.a. "Juggernaut" is the youngest of 4 boys that grew up in Jefferson Farms, New Castle, DE., America. "If I wasn't getting my ass whipped by my Pops, my brothers would do it!" So as a young boy -VS- took to living the life of the streets: fighting, drugs, robbing anything to get money.