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Cipher Sounds - Biography

Cipher Sounds – Biography

The original hip-hop group Cipher Sounds was established in South Side Jamaica, Queens, New York in the year 1975. Little more than a year after the originators of the genre; Kool Herc, Afrika Bambatataa, Grand Master Flash and others had created the culture and had begun to guide it through its infant stages in the Bronx, DJs Divine, Understanding, and Divine Justice had the idea to create their own sound system that would play in the parks and community centres of their neighbourhood in Jamaica Queens.


CashFlow Teams Up With Usher

Harlem is the place of fly and flashy, and Cashflow aka The Prince Of Harlem, a 17 year old rapper embodies that all day. He carries himself with a Harlem swagger and delivers some fresh flows. It is true because as he says he is bringing back some of the hot flows that made rappers in the 80's & early 90’s so dope. Press have been calling this kid "Young fly , flashy & Fresh".


Carvelli Releases E.P

Carvelli has come a long way since ambling at his pa's heels under the poker table at The Club, yet he credits his backroom exposure with sculpting the artist he would become. "What an environment," he says. "There's no way a kid should be in there, the smoke, the cards, the money. But there I was. It was four, five nights a week... I guess it's because of that that I always had the feeling it was cool to be where people said you shouldn't go."