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Quincey Tones

Quincey Tones

Quincey Tones is a UK beatmaker who has worked with an impressive list of artists so far in his career. The list could be a whose who from both the UK and the US and he has even ended up working with Weezy! Read on to find out what Qunicey Tones had to say about his beginnings in Ska and what he has planned for the future when he spoke to our reporter Lady Jay UK.

OC - Biography

OC – Biography

Whenever people talk about slept-on emcees, the name OC is always mentioned. Omar Credle's history of under-promoted albums and sample clearance issues is familiar to anyone who knows their hip-hop history. In 1994 his classic debut album Word… Life knocked the wind out of people's chests and put the Bushwick, Brooklyn emcee on the map.