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Genesis Elijah - Top 5

Genesis Elijah – Top 5 [Video]

Today's track from Genesis Elijah and Pastor Dutchie is Top 5. This one has a harsher energetic vibe than the previous few and sees Genesis boast and lay claim to his legacy as one of the UK's greats. Once again culled from the LP None Of You Can XXXX With Me released via Escape Route Music.

Genesis Elijah - For You

Genesis Elijah – For You [Video]

Genesis Elijah drops a track nearly every day. Today's track is For You. Bringing the real life love story this is another classic! Genesis' current direction sounds so organic. Pastor's tracks frequent have no drums, but the tracks don't necessarily need it. No synths just old soul samples, loving it.

Genesis Elijah - Strong One

Genesis Elijah – Strong One [Video]

Another deeply soulful track from the Genesis Elijah and Pastor Dutchie duo. On Strong One Genesis Elijah describes his strength and how he is now ultra confident. This is not misplaced braggadocio, but a recognition of the work put in and the accomplishments he has achieved. Production is a simple dope sample looped up.

Genesis Elijah - Penny

Genesis Elijah – Penny [Video]

Feeling this new wave of material from Genesis Elijah and Pastor Dutchie. Super smooth production and big sax. Awesome lines with double meaning such as the opening line, "started at the bottom and I'm still here" rest along side biographical information and exposing of payback rates for streaming. Its all in here.

Genesis Elijah - 1981

Genesis Elijah – 1981 [Video]

Genesis Elijah continues his astonishing work rate and barrage of dope tracks. This one, 1981 is a profound dropping of knowledge with a well edited video featuring scenes from riots back in the day as a metaphor. Focussing on the artist's development from early days to now, Genesis eloquently and thoughtfully captures the details of his progression.