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Polar Bear With Jyager - Common Ground CD [Leaf]

Polar Bear With Jyager – Common Ground CD [Leaf]

Just like superheroes, jazz musicians and rappers are fond of teaming up. Whether it’s Batman and Superman joining forces to defend the DC universe or Busta Rhymes dropping in for show-stealing cameo on someone else’s record, the individual histories often intertwine to intoxicating effect. But what happens when the distances that separate the individuals are greater than those between Metropolis and Gotham?

Dangerous Rob

Dangerous Rob – Seventh LP

Oklahoma has produced some of the biggest names in music. The Gap Band and Charlie Wilson, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood , Wayman Tisdale and Hansons. Oklahoma’s premier hip hop artist Robert C. Daniels aka Dangerous Rob, known to his friends as D-Rob, is about to take the world by storm!



Birmingham’s Steve Camden a.k.a. Polar Bear has made a name for himself as one of the top spoken word poets in this artic zone. His style is one that is yet to be challenged, an approachable, straight forward yet insanely thought provoking, break down of real life, real people, and real caves.