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Lusty - Public Mental Breakdown LP [Indie]

Lusty – Public Mental Breakdown LP [Indie]

Lusty doesn't look much like a rapper. And he doesn't sound much like a rapper. At least, he doesn't if you're used to the radio rap dialectic of today, which rarely hears accents from anywhere outside America or London. But Hip Hop isn't about image or voice, nor credentials or race. Certainly, if success as a Hip Hop artist were related to voice we could have expected Dizzee Rascal's career to be short lived and unfortunately that's not the case. In short, Public Mental Breakdown isn't your run of the mill Hip Hop album. It might be a good time, at this point, to quote Lusty himself and say the album is for '...the middle aged B-boy'. In a way that sums everything up neatly but there's more to be said.