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Rhyme Asylum - State Of Luncay LP [White]

Rhyme Asylum – State Of Luncay LP [White]

Rhyme Asylum are the UK’s version of Non Phixion and that’s a good thing. Remember their 2002 album ‘The Future is Now’? It featured Pete Rock, Large Pro, DJ Premier and Beatnuts production - on ‘State of LunacyLeatherface rivals the greats in freshness and headnodability. And despite the dark overtones it’s not the least bit boring or depressing.


Reain (aka Wot’s His Face)

Reain's debut album The Metaphorcast is ready to slice the stores next Monday, but the man himself made a debut in to the British hip hop scene a long time ago. He took his battle game seriously from the start, going under the alias 'Wha's His Face', getting to all the major battles and proving himself a champ to be recognised.