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UK Kings - Saturday 23rd March 2013

UK Kings – Saturday 23rd March 2013

The Doctor's Orders have always done their part for the home team and tonight they go all out with an incredible line up of UK talent performing both live and DJ sets. From the high plains drifter himself Jehst to bonafied legend Rodney P and Skitz through seasoned performers Stig of The Dump, Micall Parknsun and Cappo to the new school of hungry acts like Iron Braydz, Skillit and Rewd Adams this line up will have all fans of the UK's burgeoning talent excited like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Rewd Adams And The Last Skeptik - How Not To Make A Living 12" [Bread And Butter / Grindstone]

Rewd Adams And The Last Skeptik – How Not To Make A Living 12″ [Bread And Butter / Grindstone]

When two bonkers mid-twenty-somethings from London put their creative minds together to make a project, some madness is bound to take place. When those said two are highly respected homegrown hip-hop mainstays, it's evidently going to be better than all the nonsense that's out there now. Those two are rapper Rewd Adams and DJ / producer The Last Skeptik, and this right here is their stupendously anticipated collaborative album 'How Not To Make A Living'.

IRS - Speaks Volumes LP [IRS]

IRS – Speaks Volumes LP [IRS]

Whilst scrolling through the endless hell of facebook the latest IRS album Speaking Volumes came into my field of vision and moments later through my headphones. As with all the great UK Hip Hop groups IRS is underrated and overlooked, meanwhile Idris Elba’s on TV trying to tell us that So Solid were one of the most significant things in Hip Hop’s history – as AC would say, ‘Dickheads!!’.

Onyx Live In London - 4th August

Onyx Live Postponed

We have been informed that due to unforseen circumstances Onyx show scheduled for tomorrow 4th August has had to be postponed. No reason given, but I guess the use of the term postponed suggests that the gig may be re-arranged sometime in the future. Was looking forward to getting rowdy so its a pity this has not come off, but these things happen.

Onyx Live In London - 4th August

Onyx Live In London – 4th August

The original bad boys of Def Jam, Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz are comin to the UK for a massive gig in August. This should be an event not to miss with a catalogue of rowdy hits from as far back as 1993's Bacdafucup LP which included Slam which should get the whole audience bouncing. Djembe Entertainment have also put some great acts on the support bill so be sure to reach Fabric on the 4th August.

The DMC UK DJ Final And Battle For UK Supremacy 2011

The DMC UK DJ Final And Battle For UK Supremacy 2011

2011 is a milestone year, not just for the competition, but yet again the DMC World DJ Championships boundary pushing will signal change in the wider world of technology. In its 27th successful year, DMC has brought together the globes brightest DJ talents, vetted by a series of gruelling heats from London to Tokyo to Brazil. This year, not only are DMC continuing to host one of the most entertaining and jaw dropping shows you will ever witness but they have set the bar even higher.

F.O.A.K. ft. KT Forester - Love Me MP3 [Foundation Rekords]

F.O.A.K. ft. KT Forester – Love Me MP3 [Foundation Rekords]

The new single Love Me is an appealing track with a contemporary sound. However, its definitely NOT a love song, and even though the music and melody might be inclusive, the lyrics do not reflect the usual phoniness of this genre. F.O.A.K. are loud, cocky and they speak their minds on any issue ("Let's talk infidelities and Ashley Cole bedding all your secretaries, come on son, is it necessary?").

Rewd Adams

Rewd Adams

Skandal made a big splash at the beginning of last year with his debut Project A and Hunger Pains. But true creativity is all about re-birth and re-invention and so Skandal has metamorphosed into Rewd Adams and is back with a new LP Rewd Awakening. Read on to find out what has changed since Britishhiphop.co.uk last spoke to Rewd Adams.