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Blak Twang - Speaking From Xperience LP [Abstract Urban]

Blak Twang – Speaking From Xperience LP [Abstract Urban]

Twang’s back again (‘…Although I never left, I’m takin’ my seat back / Back with a spring in my step, back in my element…’) with his fourth album release, fifth if you count the never-released-due-to-label-problems, promo only ‘Dettwork SouthEast’. ‘Speaking From Xperience’ is an aptly named volume of work, and a hefty tome at that. Frankly, I recoil at the thought of reviewing an album with 18 tracks proper (24 counting skits). How can I possibly listen to that much music and assess it all at once? ‘Tis pretty hard, but I’ve started now haven’t I?



Rhymefest’s recent visit to the UK has caused quite a stir. His ‘tea’ meeting with Tory Party Leader David Cameron made headlines; the Grammy award winning rapper had challenged the politician to a sit down to discuss his controversial comments made about Hip Hop and its’ link to gun crime.

Rhyme4Respect, 21st July, Deal Real

Rhyme4Respect Picture Gallery

A perfect summer evening provided the ideal backdrop for the launch of Rhyme4Respect: the nationwide lyric writing competition. Unveiled at Deal Real Records Records, the UK’s hottest talent turned up to show their support, spread the message and of course promote their music!