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Lady Marga MC - Music Is The The Way Vol. 2 MP3 [Margaish]

Lady Marga MC – Music Is The The Way Vol. 2 MP3 [Margaish]

'Music is The The Way Vol. 2' is a cutting edge release that showcases Lady Marga MC's diverse style and pop sensibility and features a whole host of guest including P Diddy's artists Hollywood and Ko signed to Bad Boy South / Block Ent, 50Cent's artist Sun signed to Zoolife / G-Unit and US singer Riz who has collaborated with the likes of Pitbull, Lil Zane and Akon and is now signed to Ultra Records.



This Cincinnati based artist needs little introduction. Hi Tek is one of the hottest producers on the planet with his soul influenced beats that can bring a tear to your eye, a smile to your face or movement to your feet. Sometimes all three. I chatted to him about the C3OOO, his best album to date, and the Hall Of Fame collaboration list.

Riz MC - Post 911 Blues [Video]

Riz MC – Post 911 Blues [Video]

Riz MC is probably better known to you as the guy who freestyled on the Guantanamo Bay docudrama on C4. He is an accomplished musician and now has this Post 911 Blues video out there. The track covers the very touchy subjects of the Iran War and Bush & Blair's tendancy towards illegal activities.