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S.P.R.10 ft. Rochelle - Can't See the Rain CD [White]

S.P.R.10 ft. Rochelle – Can’t See the Rain CD [White]

S.P.R.10 is back again and this time he has taken his inspiration from the uninspiring English weather for his new single. Unlike his previous efforts Can’t See the Rain is more aurally reminiscent of Usher or Ne-Yo and the current production trend in American R & B than anything from U.K hip hop. Opening with an apt and brilliant sample from Brandon Lee’s seminal cult classic The Crow the track hits the dance floor running with synth stabs and urgent keyboards.

S.P.R.10 ft. Roper -Turn Away CD [White]

S.P.R.10 ft. Roper – Turn Away CD [White]

S.P.R.10, or Ben Spurr as his mates call him, is a Lincolnshire based rapper with a mission to break through to the mainstream. Previously better known for writing about other peoples music (on this very site no less) than making his own, his demo Seven Steps Forward, Ten Steps Back proved he had as much talent with the mic as he did with the pen. With his new single Turn Away just released it seems like S.P.R.10 has not only found a solid new style but a crossover track that could make it big in the mainstream.