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Breakdancing and Hip Hop

Breakdancing And Hip Hop

Breakdancing is considered as one of the significant elements that make up hip hop culture. Also known as breaking, b-boying, or b-girling, this street dance was developed in the 1970s among the African-American and Hispanic youths of South Bronx, New York.

Tony Touch - Biography

Tony Touch – Biography

Tony Touch aka Tony Toca from New York City, who is of Puerto Rican descent is one of the few Hip-Hop stars to crossover from the underground to mainstream acceptance without loosing his rep and loosing his original audience. He has continued DJing in clubs throughout the world and on stage for artists such as Eminem, Terror Squad & Guru.

Bobbito Garcia - Biography

Bobbito Garcia – Biography

Bobbito aka DJ Cumberslice is (we are pretty sure) could be the No.1. The quintessential all round B-Boy. His enthusiasm for every aspect of Hip-Hop culture sets him apart from so many other in this game. An accomplished DJ, writer, dancer, editor, presenter & ball player he is the kinda guy you'd love to hate if he wasn't so damn down to earth & friendly!