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Freestyle World Record - 17 Hours

Freestyle World Record – 17 Hours

On the 11th October 2009 for Oxjam at The Toucan Club, Cardiff, six years after his first attempt Ruffstylz broke his own world record of 10 hours 34 minutes. He extended it to an incredible 17 hours, lasting from 2pm-7am and stopped by choice again. "It was more difficult than I thought it would be, I hit a wall early on but it actually got easier as time went on". - Ruffstylz

Free Hip Hop Festival Returns To Cardiff

Free Hip Hop Festival Returns To Cardiff

With Hip-hop artists such as Metabeats, Joe Blow and Mudmowth gaining heavy praise from the music press at the moment, legends such as Me One returning home, and adopted Welsh son Ruffstylz bringing the World’s Longest Freestyle record to its shores, Wales is in pretty good shape whilst the rest of the UK Hip-hop scene is slowly dying.


Ruffstylz – Lyrics CD

The living breathing embodiment of all that is Hip-hop has been carving his name into the scene’s skull with a double edged microphone for the past decade. Whether it’s as a commentator (for the number one Hip-hop Magazine HHC), an activist (he’s one 3rd of the Brotherz Grimm family), or as an emcee with unstoppable stamina (currently he holds the World Record for the Longest Freestyle at over 10 and a half hours) Ruffstylz has always taken things upwards and onwards to the next level.