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S.Kalibre - R.I.P.

S.Kalibre – R.I.P. [Video]

Kent's favourite artist S.Kalibre is back with R.I.P. The acoustic guitar laced banger produced by Slap Up Mill sees S.Kalibre call out all the MCs he has destroyed in his career and how he has made them drop off. HE states that MCs do not learn and should not be calling him out.

Architech And S.Kalibre - Continuance EP [Pride Vibes]

Architech And S.Kalibre – Continuance EP [Pride Vibes]

British rapper / emcee  S.Kalibre teams up with beatmaker Architech for the finest indie hip-hop EP you might hear this year. Continuance showcases the talent of two very gifted artists, pushing the boundaries of hip-hop while preserving its backbone. The EP showcases S.Kalibre's unique raps fused with Architech's sound signature of merging straight hip-hop elements with forward-thinking production.