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Acafool - I Look Good Remix By DJ Rooftop

Acafool – I Look Good Remix By DJ Rooftop

A few weeks ago we put up a mixtape from the RMH DJ, DJ Rooftop. Following that Bucc got in touch with a new track for us to put up if you would be interested. We were and here is the track. A sourthern bumper, DJ Rooftop Presents The Official Scandinavian Remix of Tampa rapper Acafools new single - I Look Good - featuring Adam Tensta.

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DJ Rooftop – RMH Radio – 2 hour Podcast

RMH are proud to announce that DJ Rooftop, The Number One Recordbreaker in Scandinavia is now officially signed to RMH Ent. He got 5 mixtapes behind him and a club tour in China + plenty of gigs in Scandinavia. He will, from now on, be the head of RMH Radio. RMH Radio will play not only what evveryone else will play in a few months over here, but also music that will never reach Scandinavia through anyone else.