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Shire Roots - 88 Live

Shire Roots – 88 Live [Audio]

Shire Roots is back with a bouncy track full of horns. The marching vibe of 88 Live showcases Shire Roots' skills and delves into all the influences he has been exposed to back in the day. True to Shire Roots' ethos he stays, "Dope, Decent, Strong and Dedicated, Humble, Hip Hop, Fun and Educated".

Shire Roots - Devon Aerials

Shire Roots – Devon Aerials EP [Audio]

Devon based artist Shire Roots is on a roll and continuing to drop releases at a bewildering rate. Next up is the Devon Aerials EP which is four tracks deep. Bringing a couple of new producers to the table including Weztax, Norin Rad and James Tsoi the EP cover a lot of bases and still has that varied genre vibe.