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Treal is a group from Orange County Florida which comprises members Eliseo, Tsick, Cheeze and Poetic. They have their own Orange County Committee crew and on the back of their Don’t Worry Bout Mine single are now preparing for the release of their sophomre LP entitled Showtime. Check out what they had to say when they spoke to Danielle.

Cung Le Impresses At Strikeforce Backed By Skull's Boom Di Boom Di

Cung Le Impresses At Strikeforce Backed By Skull’s Boom Di Boom Di

Last night Cung Le knocked out Tony Fryklund in a masterful display of Martial skill. The HP Pavillion blazed with excitement as Cung Le who entered the cage to Boom Di Boom Di by South Korean Reggae artist Skull, systematically dismantled his opponent with a dazzling exhibition of picture perfect spin kicks, boxing acumen and defensive skill many have likened to watching Enter The Dragon.