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Silver - Through The Storm mp3 [Razeone]

Silver – Through The Storm mp3 [Razeone]

I'm impressed. To be honest it's hard to find anything negative to pick on when it comes to Silver. On the musical, lyrical and even a listener's personal front; anyone who strings out some major criticisms is doing so out of spite, not experience. The Phantom of The Opera style choir, rotating bassline and strong simple one, two, two, two drumbeat provide a council estate assault course for Silver to parkour his way through with words and street roots.



Newcastle Upon Tyne may be slightly behind the UK when it comes to the Hip Hop market but local MC Silver is aiming to change all that. With an already hugely successful release behind him and work on the next surely to be under way soon I decided it was time to shed some light on the UK MC’s up North that are seriously killing it!