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K*Ners / Skinnyman - Ya Fool

K*Ners / Skinnyman – Ya Fool [Video]

Bristol's K*Ners and legendary MC Skinnyman join together for the first time for this banger, which which is a message to the youth of today. As the divide becomes more apparent between the youth and the elders in the scene, on Ya Fool, K*Ners and SkinnyMan show that as much as you can be angry at the youth for certain behaviors, we still have to show them the right way and set an example.

SkinnyMan - Biography

SkinnyMan – Biography

Born Alex Holland in Leeds, Skinnyman is one of the few British emcees that needs almost no introduction. Moving as a kid to Finsbury Park, North London, Skinny found a melting pot of cultures suddenly on his doorstep and immersed himself in the musical culture of reggae and dancehall.