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Speech Debelle - Live For The Message 12" [Big Dada]

Speech Debelle – Live For The Message 12″ [Big Dada]

Speech Debelle returns to the fray with the third single from her critically-acclaimed second album, "Freedom Of Speech". One of the standout tracks from the album, "Live For The Message" was produced by Kwes and features a softly-spoken but defiant vocal from Speech in which she outlines why it's more important to be heard saying the right thing than to be heard - a message not just for the contemporary rap community but for a world obsessed with form over content.

Speech Debelle - I'm With It 12

Speech Debelle – I’m With It 12″ [Big Dada]

Speech Debelle returns with the lead single from her forthcoming sophomore album, Freedom Of Speech. And it’s a love song. Probably the most accessible and simply enjoyable moment of an amazing new album, I'm With It sees Speech showing a different side to her character from either her more introspective earlier work, or some of the politically charged moments on the new record.

Speech Debelle - Freedom Of Speech LP [Big Dada]

Speech Debelle – Freedom Of Speech LP [Big Dada]

Two years since winning the 2009 Mercury Music Prize for her debut album, Speech Therapy, and having ridden a rollercoaster through life since then, Speech Debelle is ready to drop her second collection of music. Entitled Freedom of Speech, the album sees Speech turning from introspection to stand up, face and engage with the world around her, spitting confident themes of revolution and love.

Speech Debelle Tour

Speech Debelle Tour

In keeping with her growing reputation, this September sees Speech Debelle embark on her first national headline tour. The 26 year-old rapper and her super-tight three piece band (double bass, acoustic guitar and drums, occasionally joined by her hypeman, Incredubwoy) will tour the country in support of an album which has not only been nominated as a Barclaycard Mercury Music Album of the Year, but which is being widely tipped to win the prize on September 8th.

HHC Digital Goes Live Today

HHC Digital Goes Live Today

The re-up gang over at Hip Hop Connection are preparing themselves to go fully digital on Wednesday 15th April. In this time of new life and treats it's pretty fitting too. Issue 001 is set to feature cover star DOOM, Willie Isz, Charles Hamilton, Ghost, Dante Ross, MoBonix, Speech Debelle, Lil Wayne, The Cool Kids' jeans, Delegates Of Culture, Wordsmith (not sure which one), Thunderheist, Mr Lif and Toddla T - as usual, a nice variety of folk for you to read about.