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Joe Blow - Dead Man Smoking LP [Squid Ninja Records]

Joe Blow – Dead Man Smoking LP [Squid Ninja Records]

The term 'old school' gets bandied about a lot in hip-hop circles, but Joe Blow's approach to the game is the genuine article. A focussed motivated attitude and a need to always be progressing has allowed this seasoned veteran to effortlessly spray and hone his talents across many genres of underground music. Despite his youthful appearance and energetic live show, Joe is old enough to have picked up some of those classic 1980s hip-hop LPs the first time around. These critical purchases etched themselves in Joe's psyche and by the early 90s Joe was picking up the mic himself.

Dead Residents

Dead Residents

Our man on the scene - Aidan Severs caught up with the Dead Residents crew, comprising: Junior Disprol, Chud Jackson and Rob Skagg. As well as having a long history this Cardiff based crew have their new Triple Crown LP to promote.