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Shlomo Live Dates

Shlomo Live Dates

Following on from the sell-out success of Shlomo’s Vocal Orchestra project in March, London’s Battersea Arts Centre have challenged Shlomo to create a new beatboxing choir in the space of only 48 hours. Shlomo will be performing two solo shows with special guests in the main hall on the Friday and Saturday nights.

Swingle Singers - Biography

Swingle Singers – Biography

The Swingle Singers is a vocal group formed in 1962 in Paris, by jazz singer, and Quincy Jones collaborator Ward Swingle. They have won 5 Grammy Awards, performing and recording complicated and technically impressive vocal covers ranging from popular favourites to classical music and opera.

Shlomo - Biography

Shlomo – Biography

Leeds based beatbox artist Shlomo became internationally recognised after his work with Icelandic superstar Bjiork was nominated for a Grammy. Shlomo’s beats were then used as the theme to the Athens Olympics, with the Opening Ceremony performance reaching an estimated audience of 4.5 billion worldwide.