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FlyyGhost - Gourmet Dark Matter

FlyyGhost – Gourmet Dark Matter [Video]

Gourmet Dark Matter is the first offering from collaboration duo Da Flyy Hooligan and Tesla's Ghost. Lyrics are deeply metaphorical and of the cerebral kind rather than observational. Pure poetical skills on display here, but make sure you are thinking when listening to catch all the intricacies. Slow brooding beat from NCL-TM gives the MCs space to shine.

Tesla's Ghost - Propheta / Weapons Bay

Tesla’s Ghost – Propheta / Weapons Bay [Video]

This is the first full music video lifted from London MC Tesla's Ghost's new album: Amaahl Farouk. In fact it is a double feature; two tracks back to back - Dark and grimey Propheta followed by the virtually accapella Weapons Bay. Both contain barrages of dark bars in Tesla's Ghost's classic style of rhyme over head-bopping authentic hip hop sounds.

Cyrus Malachi - Black Athena LP [First Son Records]

Cyrus Malachi – Black Athena LP [First Son Records]

Triple Darkness and Orphans of Cush member, and frequent supplier of perpetual rawness Cyrus Malachi, made a return recently with a follow-up to his popular 2011 album Ancient Future. Featuring production from the likes of Hey Zeus, Starvirius, Hellz Echo, and Noize Theivery, with expert mastering from Chemo, Black Athena would appear to have the foundations needed to make a classic album.