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9th Wonder - Remixes 1 EP [Ill Will]

9th Wonder – Remixes 1 EP [Ill Will]

9th Wonder continues his slightly worn habit of remixing Nas; this time round giving some of the hits he’s missed such as ‘Made You Look’, ‘Get Down’ and ‘I Can’ the trademark soul stamp. I’ve been impressed by 9th in the past - the first Little Brother LP was sick as were highlights of the Minstrel Show, The Formula and not forgetting the amazing Murs: 9th Edition EP, but this EP could put a small horse to sleep.

Knotz - The Formula LP [Damali]

Knotz – The Formula LP [Damali]

Knotz are three young men, ‘blood brothers’, who together are intent on changing the face of hip hop. For them, the pervading culture of drugs, guns, money and bling has never been what it is all about. Instead, their art is about criticising that which needs to be criticised and raising awareness where it is missing.



Treal is a group from Orange County Florida which comprises members Eliseo, Tsick, Cheeze and Poetic. They have their own Orange County Committee crew and on the back of their Don’t Worry Bout Mine single are now preparing for the release of their sophomre LP entitled Showtime. Check out what they had to say when they spoke to Danielle.