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Lupe Fiasco Live In London, April 2nd At Koko

Lupe Fiasco – Biography

Lupe Fiasco trail-blazed his path to critical acclaim when his Atlantic Records debut, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor exec-produced by Jay Z, was released. Possessing head-spinning wordplay and a topical range more akin to the underground than the mainstream, the 25-year-old lyricist proved that talent can still make waves in the rap game.

Yung Bruh aka Y.B.

Yung Bruh aka Y.B.

Let us introduce Yung Bruh aka "Y.B." from Watts, California (America). He is the little brother of the West Coast Rap legend "Kam". His first release was called "Fly Yung Bruh", and his follow up single is entitled "I See You", which features Mike Anthony and has an easy going laid back vibe all about the attraction of the opposite sex and is currently getting some air play.