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Frisson Gallery: Supa Dupa Exhibition

Frisson Gallery: Supa Dupa Exhibition

The Frisson Gallery is excited to present a new exhibition by the very talented Supa Dupa… Originating from far and wide, Supa Dupa consists of six artists united by beer and good times. Initially it was solely about drawing / painting sessions late into the night when there were far more important things to be done. Now 2 years on, this crew have made a name for themselves (be it unintentionally) through their unique collaborative style.

T.O.B.E. (True Original Black Experience)

T.O.B.E. – Tell Ya Why [Audio]

T.O.B.E a.k.a Ted Peterson comes from Minnesota, US. Given the chance, he is hoping to establish his urban artistry here in the UK. and is jumping off right now and is networking across the globe. Right here you can peep the smooth mellow tones of his demo single Tell Ya Why. This is a mellow, easy groove with a light sprinkling of keys over an 808 beat.